2013 Mazda 5 Road Trip!

Monday, June 24, 2013

When I first agreed to test and review the 2013 Mazda5 - I wasn't very optimistic. I knew that the Mazda 5 is smaller than other vehicles in its class. I also knew that by taking it on a road trip, I might be forced to do without a lot of items that I normally pack for our family vacations. To get an idea of the amount I normally pack, check out Vacation on a Shoestring. Yes, I pack a lot!

When the Mazda 5 arrived, we immediately opened the rear lift-gate and assessed how much stuff we could take with us to Myrtle Beach. Keep in mind that we had a 12-hour drive to get to our sandy destination. This means that I need snacks and a lot of entertainment for the kids.

We were able to fit a lot more into the Mazda 5 than we originally thought.  Being smaller than other mini-vans, it drives more like a Sedan.  Though it provides less seating than a typical mini-van, it offers a more diverse space than smaller vehicles.  If you aren't quite ready for the move to mini-van, you should test out a Mazda 5.  The Mazda 5 is in a class of its own.

Once the Mazda 5 was packed and ready - we headed out on our 12 hour drive to Myrtle Beach!  This gave us sufficient time to look the vehicle over.  Every inch.  I find that taking a vehicle on a long trip is a good way to really examine a vehicle to find it's benefits.  The kids enjoyed being distracted by looking around and finding their favorite parts of the Mazda 5.   I think it was once again the sunroof.  They really enjoy getting to look out of the sunroof in the dark an in the light of the sun!

Another benefit to the Mazda 5 being a smaller vehicle was it's "parkability".  Did I just make up a word?  I think so.  Anyway, it was easier to fit the Mazda 5 into smaller spaces in the parking garage of our resort.  This allowed us to always park it in one of the smaller spots beside a large cement pillar - so that no one else was able to park on either side of it.  Yes, I get overprotective of vehicles that don't belong to me! 

My favorite aspect of the 2013 Mazda 5 is that it is a very budget friendly vehicle.  It is a lean and sleek vehicle - not a lot of added luxuries - but that helps it maintain its financial appeal.  It is definitely worth considering if you are in need of a new, quality vehicle but need to maintain a tighter budget.  The 5 speed automatic starts at just $20,940.  That is the price you may pay for some used vehicles!  So again, definitely worth considered if you are needing a 6 passenger vehicle.

*UPDATED* with Photo Album!

Favorite features available on various models of the 2013 Mazda 5

::    Remote trunk release

::    Alloy wheels

::    Dual front side-mounted airbags

::    Tire pressure monitoring

::    Front, rear and third row head airbags

::    3 Yr./ 36000 Mi.

::    AM/FM in-dash single CD player with CD MP3 Playback stereo

::    USB connection

2013 Mazda 5 Quick Walkaround Video   |   Packing and Testing the 2013 Mazda 5

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* I was provided the use of a 2013 Mazda 5. All opinions are my own.