Tidmouth Sheds Roundhouse

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Joey, my 5 year old, loves anything to do with trains.  Most importantly, he loves Thomas the Tank Engine!  He can build a railroad out of anything and has usually turned our living room into a train station. 

He designs train tracks out of paper if he has to!  His imagination will not be stifled by lack of toys.  At one point, he turned a shoebox into Tidmouth Sheds.

(Tidmouth Sheds is where Thomas the Tank Engine sleeps at night.)
But now, this lucky little boy actually has the Tidmouth Sheds that he has been begging us to purchase.  When I was his age, I daydreamed of and wished for the kitchen play sets I saw in catalogs.  He has spent a lot of time asking for and dreaming of owning a wooden Tidmouth Sheds with wooden tracks.

When I had an offer to receive and review this dream toy of his, I kept it quiet until it came in the mail.  I think I was as thrilled with his reaction as he was over the toy!  He opened it and kept gasping "Oh mommy!  Oh mommy!"

Since then, I have found Tidmouth Sheds all over our house!  Apparently, Tidmouth Sheds belongs in the hallway, living room, bathroom, dining room table and my son's bed.  Because why wouldn't you cuddle with it and the wooden tracks at night?

I'm also thrilled that it is very well made!  I would love for this to be one of the toys we keep for his children - and it is sturdy enough to last that long.  Joey says he is going to make a movie with it.  I'm not sure what that means exactly - except that it's so fantastic we must take video of it! 

It came with:

::     Thomas roundhouse (Tidmouth Sheds)
::     Round-about-action turn table
::     13 piece wooden track set


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*I received this Tidmouth Sheds set for review.  All opinions are my own - and my son's.