Signs your child needs Summer tutoring

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It’s important for all parents to keep an eye on how their children are progressing and developing at school. Parents who see their children falling behind the pace, or who want to give their children the best chance to fulfill their potential, often choose to seek extra tutoring. This simple step can provide a huge boost and dramatically improve any child's future prospects.

In truth, deciding whether a child needs tutoring is often relatively straightforward. Poor test scores, a lack of understanding, and classroom misbehavior should all serve as warning lights. Frequently the situation is actually worsened by the parents, however. They refuse to accept that extra tutoring is the answer, leaving the child to struggle in class, all the while feeling more and more disheartened. It's important to understand that if a child needs a little extra help it is nothing to be ashamed of - many other children are in the same boat, after all.

In many cases, the issues stem solely from a lack of confidence. This can easily hold a child back, and cause a downward spiral to start. If a child lacks self-esteem, they often fear tests and exams. This leads to poor results and report cards, which only serve to lower confidence further. This familiar pattern can then lead to the child rebelling, or refusing to apply effort in class. Tutoring can help a child escape this vicious circle and begin to rebuild his or her confidence. A tutor can tailor activities to the child, and provide the valuable one-on-one feedback that is often impractical in a classroom with 30 other students.

Summer tutoring is also frequently recommended for children who have high levels of academic talent. The pressure these children feel can be very high, as they are constantly expected to stay ahead of the class, and any slight drop in grades can cause disproportionate levels of concern. In addition, these children often feel under-stimulated in the classroom, and require extra tutoring to excel and display their natural intelligence. Without it, they can settle into a rut, completing schoolwork without any issues, but never really stretching their own capabilities. Private tutoring can ensure gifted children are frequently pushed to make the most of their talents, and inspired to keep learning by studying topics they find interesting and stimulating.

Huntington Learning Centers offer tutoring over the Summer that can make a huge difference to how children view and engage with education. By attending one of the tutoring centers, children can get ahead with schoolwork, cement their understanding of concepts they struggle with, and generally feel happier at school. Many parents wait until a child is struggling before they look for tutoring. While this is a natural reaction, being proactive and acting in advance is beneficial, as it prevents the child from feeling like a failure and falling behind.

Research has shown that private tutoring and the positive effects of a focused program of study can make a real difference in the long term - but it's important to choose a good tutor that the child responds well to and enjoys working with. The effectiveness of any paid tutoring should be monitored as - if there's no discernible difference after three months - it may be worth switching.