New styles for Spring!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dan and I have slowly worked on putting together the home that we envisioned when we were first married. Though we haven't been able to build the dream house that we frequently discuss - we are able to detail our current home to fit our style.

This has included everything from replacing outlet and light-switch covers to updating decorative items. We are nearly 10 years into our marriage and creating our peaceful home. Which means, there are some things that now need replaced. Curtains have somehow worn out. I never knew they would! I mean, they just hang there! How did one panel get so ripped? I'm sure the kids have the answer - they just aren't sharing.

It's amazing how quickly items can need to be replaced... now that we have children. There are some items that I thought would last quite a while. When we were first married, we were given a beautiful comforter, pillow cases and sheets for a master bedroom. I'm the type of person that gets as much use out of an item as I possibly can. I assumed that I would be able to keep that beautiful comforter for years... and years.

My children have taught me otherwise.

And now it is time to replace my favorite comforter.

Actually, it has been time to replace it for well over a year. I just haven't been able to find something that fits my style. I did purchase a comforter about a year ago that I thought I would love. It was pretty. It was on sale. However it was so uncomfortable! So, we used it for a night or two before it found a new home in the basement. I've learned that my new comforter must be stylish as well as comfortable!

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I am currently looking at the fantastic collection by Frette! I am so glad to have finally been introduced to this line. I love the clean lines and colors. The Frette line is simple and elegant. It's a style that won't easily or soon be outdated.

I have a down comforter that would actually be great to use with one of Frette's Duvet Covers. Though I am in love with their bedding set, The Golden Bowl. Isn't it so elegant!  I'm torn between using what I have with a duvet cover or completely revamping with a new style for Spring.  It may be better to go with a completely new set, right?