I want to work from home!

Friday, April 12, 2013

"I want to work from home!" I screamed.

In my head.

I glanced around my apartment.  My roommate had already left for class - so she wouldn't have heard me anyway.  Still, there was no need for her to hear all of my random thoughts.  So I had become skilled in keeping them to myself.   

I was a junior at Indiana University and had recently decided that I disliked my major. This was clearly the wrong time to come to that realization. Yet, it was true. I had no desire to seek an internship or a job within my chosen field of study.  I had spent the past few months trying to decide on a different path and to be honest, nothing seemed very thrilling.  In the end - they were all just jobs.  Having worked from the age of 15, I knew that working a 9 - 5 job for someone else wasn't what I wanted to do.  

With a cup of coffee in hand, I grabbed my laptop and shuffled my pajama clad self to the balcony of our second floor apartment. My coal-black cocker spaniel followed behind and plopped down beside my chair.  It was a beautiful Spring morning that brought warm gusts of wind.  I had always enjoyed this time of year and the freedom that the winds seemed to bring.    

"Brinkley, wouldn't it be nice if I could earn an income from my computer?" I mumbled as I propped my feet up and opened the laptop.  

As I browsed a few of my favorite blogs and sipped on coffee, I envisioned doing just that for life.  A cloudy picture of waking in the morning to a relaxing day of coffee and working began to float through my thoughts.

The years marched on and I clung to that thought.  It remained on the back burner of my plans - but it was there.  Graduation came and so did marriage.  Before I knew it, I was pregnant with my first child and making arrangements for child care once I returned to work.

Yet once again I found myself daydreaming.  It was another beautiful Spring day.  I could see the trees just outside of my office window move with the breeze.  The sun shimmered into my cold, quiet and lonely office.  

"I want to work from home." I whispered.  "I want to be home with my children."

This time I said it out loud.  Quietly.  But out loud. 

I logged onto my current blog.  I tapped out a few thoughts and logged off.

Suddenly, the moments from that day on the balcony came flooding back.  Why had I never acted on that dream?  Others were doing it - why did I allow it to remain just out of reach?

I logged back onto my blog.

"It starts now!"  I told myself.

I had once earned a few bucks from blogging - and then never tried to earn more.  Those few dollars were thrilling.  Yet, I had let go of it for a steady paycheck at my 9 - 5 job.

It took quite a few years to get the hang of earning any money online.  I dug and researched how others were doing it.  Made note of everything and avenues that looked like scams... and carried on.

Nothing happened overnight - but when my position was downsized and I lost my full-time job in 2008, I was able to begin relying on what I had taught myself over the years.

Today, there is nothing that could pull me into work outside of my home.  I am with my kids as they wake, eat lunch, play outside and enjoy dinner.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I wish I hadn't needed to spend so much time figuring everything out - but it has paid off.  There are many ways to earn a living online - The Bloggy Guide to Monetizing Your Blog details the methods that I have used. 

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