If it isn't benefiting you...

Friday, March 1, 2013

If it isn't benefiting you - maybe you're the problem!

So, that may be a bit harsh.  Yet it can so often be true.  Sometimes it is hard to look within ourselves and find (or admit) that we are the problem.

Several years ago, I complained that my vitamins just didn't do anything for me.  Why should I spend money and time on something that wasn't going to benefit me or my family?

Well, I was the problem.  Taking them randomly was not beneficial.  I was sort of hot or cold when it came to managing my vitamin taking time.  I would be all for it one week and take them every day that week!  Then I would forget about it for another three weeks.  Popping in and out of the routine got me nowhere.  It wasn't the fault of the vitamins.  It was the fault of the person saying they were taking vitamins (me).  I wasn't properly using them.

By taking my vitamins when I have been told to take them, taking the correct dose and taking them every time I'm suppose to - ailments that seemed to mimic major illnesses have disappeared.  It's amazing what happens when I stopped being the victim of feeling sick and followed my doctor's instruction!

I remember watching fellow students in class who would goof off, not pay attention and generally just cause trouble.  They would complain that the knowledge and information being shared wasn't going to benefit them in life.  Well, the teacher nor the class was the problem.  It was the student's problem.  They wouldn't take instruction.

One moment in time sticks out greatly.  I received a text message from someone... and they were instructing me to have brand "x" send them such and such product/item.  When I read the text, I realized that nothing I had said in the past two years had begun to sink in.  There was no humbleness.  Who am I to tell any brand to send anyone a product?  There was also no understanding of how to work with brands.  I was very disheartened at all the advice that was ignored.    

I'm also reminded of others who I had to manage in one way or another.  Advice would be given - but they would never take it.  Instructions would be detailed - yet they would do their own thing.  In the end, they were a bigger difficulty to manage than it was worth (for me and them).  They wanted success... but weren't willing to do what was necessary.

If we are in a situation where we have great opportunity to learn and to advance ourselves - most often we have no one to blame but ourselves when we don't achieve those possibilities.

If it didn't go your way - ask yourself why.  Did you do all that you could have done to glean the information?  Were you a proper harvester of all the information set before you?   Were you a good student, employee (or whatever the case may be)?

I think back on those fellow students who gathered nothing from classes and education presented to them.  I remember the time that teachers had to take to correct their behavior and attitude.  I wonder if these students had exhibited a different attitude and had done their best to take advantage of a situation - instead of blaming someone else - if it would have been possible for them to be successful.  I wonder if maybe they would be happier today instead of dwelling on the results not being what they expected or wanted.