Footprints in the Sand {Myrtle Beach}

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This year, Dan and I will take the kids back to Myrtle Beach.  It has been nearly 10 years since we honeymooned there - and we absolutely love it!  We visited the area in 2011 during our family vacation and the kids enjoyed it a lot.  They loved the beach, the pools, the food - and Joey really liked a 'live mermaid' that was at one of the restaurants.

During our trip, I made everybody run up the beach as fast as they could - while I tried to get a good picture of their footprints in the sand.  Savannah and Joey couldn't press their feet into the sand hard enough for a long line of footprints to appear.  The footprints would disappear before they reached the end.  I was finally able to get a decent picture once Dan tried to do it.  This is one of my favorite (edited) photos from our vacation.