The Chess Board Puzzle

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My husband and I love to play chess. I'm not sure that I have ever actually won against him when we've played - but I enjoy it. Usually, I make one stupid move and that unravels my game. We also love to compete against each other in various puzzles. A few years ago, when we had just moved in and had not yet installed internet, we use to compete against each other in Sudoku. I really looked forward to evenings spent playing some sort of game with him.

Now we have children and they also enjoys games and puzzles. We've purchased various wooden and medal puzzles over the years - and they are some of my favorite! My father in law is also quite crafty and has created a few of his very own.

I was sent a wooden chess board puzzle from Puzzle Warehouse - and we have had a lot of fun trying to figure it out and memorize the various ways that it has worked. As this puzzle is a chess board, it is my newest cherished item. Not only does it remind me of all the evenings I have sat and challenged my husband to a game of chess - but it takes me back to when my father first introduced the game to me.

The kids have always wanted to be a part of mine and Dan's game of chess. This puzzle has intrigued them and has helped bring them a little closer to the game. The pieces are solid wood - which helps to keep them from being destroyed by little hands that are eager to solve the puzzle.

If you enjoy a variety of puzzle types - you really should browse the selection on Puzzle Warehouse. Unless you have a specialty store near you, it is usually difficult to find anything other than jigsaw puzzles. I've always enjoyed brain teaser types of puzzles. I was very intrigued with a horse shoe puzzle my parents purchased on vacation when I was young. I didn't see that cast puzzle when I was browsing - but they did have a myriad of other puzzles that were similar.

*I was provided a chess board puzzle  by Puzzle Warehouse for review purposes.  All opinions are my own