I'm an introvert!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Have I mentioned that I'm an introvert? There is a reason that I have been online and behind a computer screen since the age of sixteen. I could talk with people... without being so awkward. The computer and the internet - though connecting me with people - formed a barrier that enabled me to push aside the shyness and awkwardness that was me.

Though I could be (and was) a loud and annoying cheerleader, I would retreat into my world and choose to avoid invites for sleep overs and calls on the phone. It took me a while to warm up to people. By the time I had warmed up to my surroundings in high school - it was time to graduate and move on.

Even today, I would rather receive a text message than a phone call. I prefer email to Skype or conference calls. If you think I'm being rude - I'm probably not, it's just the introvert in me being painfully awkward. I've tried to combat this part of me by majoring in communications at college. I volunteer to teach Sunday School. I've often offered to speak at ladies fellowships at church.

However, I remain an introvert at heart. I prefer a nice evening at home over - well, being out and about. I prefer a hike or stroll through the closest state park over going to a big, noisy and crowded mall. I would rather sit with paper and pen beneath a tree than with my laptop and coffee at Starbucks.

The inward and outward struggle that couples an introverted personality is complex. Unless you are an introvert - you can't truly appreciate the fight that it is. Even as an introvert - you can't truly relate to other introverts... because, well - we can have a difficult time with public speaking as well as interpersonal communications now can't we.