I love Upscale Mom!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In my home, I want to find a way to neatly organize everything. Every little aspect and object should have a tidy little place where it belongs. I like for that space to be clean and organized. Having little kids, this can be very difficult. I'm constantly at a loss to organize new toys and items that seem to make their way into our home.

When the kids were younger and still in diapers, I had difficulty in finding a way to organize the items on their changing table. I didn't really like having the diapers, wipes and creams sitting on the bottom and middle shelves. It seemed cluttered and exposed. It was also a little bit of a pain to constantly reach below the changing area for a new diaper or wipes.

Though I no longer have kids in diapers, I jumped at the opportunity to review the Windel by Upscale Mom. The Windel is an adorable and swanky cabinet to store baby items. This cute way of hiding all the diaper changing supplies while decorating the home was something I wish I had several years ago.

The Windel not only hides the items that are typically stored on a changing table but it also organizes them and makes retrieving a new diaper and wipes an easier task. The diapers are pulled out one by one as needed. Placing the wipes in an upside down position for easy removal was a fantastic idea! Sometimes, wipes can be a pain to remove from their packaging! Placing it at the bottom of the Windel and having it upside down completely turned it into a much easier and efficient movement.

Once the little ones are grown and no longer need a changing table or diapers - you can keep the Windel and use it for cleaning supplies, etc,...

When I received the Windel cabinet, the door had been made with glass and you were able to place a picture behind the glass to give it a personalized touched. The glass on mine had been damaged during shipping - though it was packed very well. The owner of Upscale Mom has made a change since then and let me know that the frame will be made with high end acrylic. I think this is fantastic change! It is also a great representation of a brand that truly listens and shows concern for their customers and product.

You can check out Upscale Mom on their website as well as connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!