Comfortable Kids Cushions!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A few weeks ago, we received two of the cutest cushions! I wasn't really sure what to do with them when I received the review request - but they were adorable and I wanted to try them. offers a selection of adorable pillows and cushions for children.  They are so soft and comfortable - I wouldn't mind having a large one for myself.  Actually I would love it if they made a body pillow!

The owner of Henhat was so kind to send a cushion for each child - allowing them both to test them out and enjoy using them together.

Our kitchen table and chairs are solid wood - with no padding on the seats. I guess that can mean they are a little uncomfortable to sit on at times. I don't really notice that. Though, the kids are always bringing soft blankets to place beneath them as they sit at the table.

Instead of the blankets, they've now been bringing their adorable cushions with them.  It works perfectly.  Their shape fit our chairs great.

Not only have the kids loved bringing their Henhat cushions with them at meal time - they carry them around and use them for a myriad of activities. The cushions have a little handle that make it easy for them to tote these adorable necessities with them throughout the day.   The handle is made of the same fabric as the outer cover - so it is soft and does not take away from the design or use of the cushion.

I'm not sure that these items were created to also be pillows - but Savannah and Joey also use them for that at bedtime and when they curl up on the couch.

I've purchased other pillows for the kids in the past that were not easy to clean.  I love that I can effortlessly remove these cushions (which the kids keep using as pillows) from their case and launder them.   

*I was provided cushions by for review purposes.  All opinions are my own