Trains and Christmas Presents {For My Children}

Last Night Dear Joseph -

You showed, once again, just how sweet of a brother you are.

During the day Savannah kept inquiring about publishing a book.  She wanted to know if I or Aunt Marissa knew how to do this.  She also needed a book of blank paper with no lines.

So, just before bedtime, you began making her a book that had blank paper with no lines.  I'm not sure where you found the paper - but you were cutting it down into the shape of a small book.  Piling the paper on top of each other you tried to hide your project from Savannah.

I told you that it was time to finally go to bed and that you would have to finish the gift tomorrow.  So, Joe, you climbed to the top of your closet and carefully tucked the sheets of paper behind some toys.  You are certain she will not find it.  You're probably right.  I love your sweet heart.  Reminds me of how your daddy does his best to care for me and provide not only what I need, but what I want.

Joe, you also built an amazing mountain complete with its own train.  I believe you could be hired by the town where The Cat in the Hat lives.  Perhaps you could be an engineer or architect there.

I'm not sure which part is my favorite.  The way it makes its way through the mountain.  The mountain made of your cardboard bricks.  Or the additional support by the block letters. 

Very cute.  I love your creativity and the love you have for all things.  Nothing is worthless.  You make use out of everything.

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