Repurposing the dining room curtains

Friday, December 28, 2012

When we first moved into our older and very much unloved house - I was very excited to decorate the house, making it a home. That excitement has worn off over the years. There was a lot to do in this house that had only ever been a parsonage.  Meaning, none of its inhabitants actually owned it.

Having managed apartments - I sometimes saw an attitude toward living spaces that didn't belong to the inhabitants. The apartments weren't always loved and taken care of as I would have liked.  That isn't always true.  I saw a lot of renters who took pride and took care of what was their home for the time being.  I like to think I always did when I rented. 

However, the pony tail holders used as hinges and the toilet we found in the attic show that... well, maybe this house wasn't really loved.  So, when I was able to begin making it my own - I had a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

The long, red curtains that I purchased to hang in our dining room were one of my favorite accents. It gave the space a splash of color and was in great contrast to the wooden table that sat a few feet in front of the window.

My pretty curtains have taken quite the beating over the past few years. Tugged and pulled on... draped over the curtain rods - they now have stains and holes. Well, all but two of them did.

The day after Christmas, I took down the battered curtains and hung the new set my mother had given me. Four of the old red curtains went into the trash and I've saved the other two for projects.

My first project - reupholstering the bench at the end of my bed.

The bench has also been used and abused by little feet prancing on it. Dirty little hands smearing stuff on it. Even the stain remover I used just made the situation much worse.

Only a few items were needed to turn one of the curtain panels into the new bench cover.

:: One Philips Head Screwdriver

:: One Curtain Panel

:: Scissors

:: Staple Gun

I removed the bench from its frame.

Then wrapped the curtain panel around the bench. I measured how much of the fabric I would need and then cut accordingly.

A few minutes of tugging and stapling - and my new bench was ready!

::  My son likes it.

::  My daughter does not.

The material originally on the bench was a lot like the fabric that the curtain was made of.  The pattern on the two were also very similar. 

It's slightly sad to see the first curtains go.  I'm not a huge fan of change.  I love that I was able to still keep a couple of them in the house and create a purpose for them.