We love games!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The other night as I played a game of chess with my husband, I was reminded of playing the same game online a few years ago. I had found a network with various games and by creating an account you could track your score throughout their different challenges. Each player could earn rankings and subsequent badges, etc... Whether it was chess, bingo or even solitaire - I loved these online world of games.

Thinking on that reminded me of the many different games I have really enjoyed via the computer or online portals.  (Even as far back as the games you played by entering text!) I'm a very competitive person and can sometimes get lost within these fun worlds. Though not online, I've still enjoy building theme parks in detail with the different game software that my husband has bought for me. The kids love that one as well!

They also enjoyed different scenario type games via my social network accounts where they have built towns, maintained farms and set up restaurants. Video games that I played as a child became such a fun memory. I think that is largely due to the inside jokes and enjoyment created while playing these with my brother and sister. Everything down to the sounds and graphics of many games made an impression and bring back cherished memories of my siblings. Though we don't allow them to spend hours in front of a screen playing games - I do hope it adds to the amazing bond between them.