She broke my nose! {For My Children}

It's unavoidable that in some way - having children will irreversibly change our bodies. Sometimes in ways that we never thought possible. We instantly think of all the ways in which our body will forever hint that we have carried children within us. The irreversible marks that may happen to our stomach or legs... and so on. I'm not complaining - it's fact. I bare the marks proudly.

However, there are some results we never imagine.  Several years ago, this sweet little girl sat on my lap. She wriggled to her left and squirmed to her right. She threw her hands up in excitement and clapped. Soon she began to bounce and 'jump' as best as she could while sitting there.

I can't remember what it was that was keeping her from being still - or why I thought she needed to remain on my lap.

I loosely kept a hold of her so she could move - yet stay there sitting with me.  Eventually she moved more and more and then threw her head back.  It met my face.  Right at the bridge of my nose.  There was so much pain.  There were stars.  I'm surprised there weren't two black eyes. 

I didn't rush to the doctor.  The pain subsided and I forgot about it - except when I looked in the mirror.  Things looked a little different.  Not catastrophically different.  It was just not the same.  I wondered if my nose had been broken by the incident... but nothing physically bothered me.  So why pay a doctor to confirm it?

Last year, I had to have surgery to fix a deviated septum.  When the doctor examined my nose, he asked how I had broken it.

"A broken nose?" I asked.  "That would have been my 1 year old daughter!"

I didn't have the doctor correct any physical appearance of the broken nose - though if I had the money, I may have.  It's sort of a funny story to look back on.  Savannah seems to enjoy hearing about the day she broke mommy's nose.

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