Pacific Play Tents adventure!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Savannah and Joseph are often creating and pretending to be on a grand adventure. Savannah usually wants to include a house in the scenario while Joseph needs to build a fort or hideout of some sort.

The Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent we were sent for review has managed to be all of those as well as a car, boat and elevator. I remember having a tent when I was younger and I, like Savannah, used it mostly as a house. It was so much fun to have a little space that was my own. My size. My world. It could be whatever I wanted it to be. A cabin in the woods or my pretty little house with a white picket fence in the front yard... which I distinctly remember drawing.

This has been a fun item as the kids have been able to play with it inside and outside while letting their imaginations run with all the possibilities. This past Summer, we took them camping for the first time. So of course they've spent a lot of time playing as if they are out camping in the woods.

The tent has already been put through a lot of playing, pulling, pushing and dragging around - and it has held up nicely!

Any of the Pacific Play Tents would make a wonderful gift and so I've included it in the A Bloggy Mom Holiday Gift Guide!