Thursday, November 8, 2012

The past week, I've had the opportunity to join and browse a fun new social community and shop in the online world! Babbyhuddle! In every area and stage of life it is amazing when you are able to connect and create a support system to help you through the bumps and questions you encounter.

Motherhood is absolutely no exception to that! Babyhuddle has created an interesting and supportive community of mothers to help each other through this journey. Joining Babyhuddle is simple (and can be done through your Facebook account!) and the site is easily navigated. There you can find and make new friends while using helpful tools in the community.

On Babyhuddle you'll find:

:: Decorating Ideas

:: Potty Training Resources and Product

:: Playtime and Education Tips/Products

:: Many more areas covering - Traveling, Sleeping & Bedding, Baby Clothes, Gifts, Maternity, Feeding and Books!

You can also create lists and ask questions - and answer the questions posted by other members on Babyhuddle!

Having created a community myself, I think that is the most amazing element of Babyhuddle! There are many products and ideas to browse - but when you have the added option of discussing them and other mom topics with others... it adds a personal touch.

Register today and begin connecting with other moms and browsing a fantastic selection of items that make the early years of motherhood a bit easier!

This post is sponsored by Babbyhuddle.  All opinions are my own.