Tuesday Tidbit: Scents that take us back in time

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I love perfumes, lotions, candles and air fresheners. Anything that gives a sweet and welcoming aroma really. I especially love when a scent can define a moment in time or a period of my life.

I know, I know.  Malibu Musk is a fragrance from two decades ago - but I always keep a Body Spray of the scent on hand.

It's a fun scent that takes me back to high school.  Most specifically it takes me to my days as a high school cheerleader.  It seemed every cheerleader in our league used Malibu Musk and the cheerleader 'locker room" {we never actually had a locker room... but classrooms or abandoned classrooms} always smelled of this beautiful scent.

Another perfume I love to keep on hand is Miracle by Lancome.   This isn't a great picture - so you can't see the name - but it is a pink tinted perfume that I began wearing around the time that I met my husband.

I have continue to wear it since that Fall day in 2001 when our paths crossed and I've never tired of it.  It hasn't become so common that I no longer recognize it's sweet scent - but it reminds me of that sunny and brisk Fall moment.

With each spritz I am taken back to my college days and the excitement of meeting someone so incredible and who took my breath away.

This scent is also not a fancy fragrance - but one that sticks out for me.  I purchased it at I believe a CVS a year or so ago.  It was Spring time and the earth was beginning to shows signs of blooming after a cold and icy Winter.

I used the lotion most of the Spring and then forgot about it.  I happened across it earlier this year and it immediately brought me back to the Spring of 2011. 

What scents take you back to a memorable time in your life?