Plasmacar Fun!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm not sure who has enjoyed our recent addition, a Plasmacar, the most. My son, my daughter or my husband. A Plasmacar is a plastic toy 'car' that is propelled by moving the steering wheel, which is attached to two pivoting wheels touching the ground, back and forth. The Plasmacar uses inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction to move the car and its passenger forward.

No batteries are required and it is simple to learn how to get the car to begin moving. It did take a moment for the children to figure out the best movement for the steering wheel - but in no time they were driving it up and down the sidewalk. Being children, they also found many other ways to move the car speedily through the neighborhood. I believe jumping ropes were involved and a little leg power.

A small section of our home has wood flooring, and the Plasmacar would work fine on that, as well as any smooth surface indoors. So it is a great gift for any time of year!

I do have an incriminating photo of my husband on the Plasmacar, but I promised I wouldn't post it. He is 6' 3" and was able to sit on it and get it to move - so, any child who is old enough to climb onto the Plasmacar could probably work the car.

This special edition red and black Plasmacar has no pedals, gears or batteries... the PlaSmart Plasma Car harnesses kid power! And this limited edition red and black Plasmacar will make your kids the envy of the neighborhood. A toy that taps your child's inexhaustible energy to fuel big fun! Kids just turn the steering wheel from left to right and off they go! Once they stop turning the wheel, PlasmaCar slows down. With a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs., PlasmaCar is a fun ride for kids of all ages. And from mom and dad's perspective, it's safe, quiet and affordable! Made of super durable ABS plastic. Now in NEW Black color!

The features listed are:

Product Features

No Gears , Batteries or Pedals. Just Steer and Away you Go.
Multiple Award Winner
Great Exercise Inside or outdoors.
Sleek, Innovative Design - NEW Unique Black Color!
The PlasmaCar is meant to be used on a smooth, flat, hard surface and will not function properly on carpet, grass, gravel, sand or any surface with give.

The Plasmacar is a fun consideration for birthday presents or the upcoming holidays.  You can purchase one online here.  The car itself is a great tool for helping to teach your child coordination skills.  To get the car to move, your child will have to learn to move the wheel to get it to move at their desired speed.  They will rotate the wheel back and forth from left to right.  The car slows down and quits moving as your child stops moving the steering wheel.  The child can simply step off of the car once it has stopped.  It's a fun toy but it is also one that will help them with some coordination. 

Disclosure:  I was provided a  Plasmacar at no charge to me for review purposes.

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