My kids and SIGG

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm sure my kids are not the only children who can't seem to get in the car without calling out "I'm thirsty!" 5 minutes after we pull out of the drive. In fact, I'm sure I was one of those kids myself.

So, I've always had the habit of taking a water or drink of some sort with us. I prefer reusable bottles and have experimented with various types, materials, handles and spouts.

We always have a drink with us. Whether we are out shopping, attending an event or sitting in church. There is a bottle of water somewhere in my purse. The different activity usually requires a different type of bottle. However, I've found that a lot of them leak into my purse if not propped up carefully.

 Which is why I loved the design of the SIGG kids' bottle tops. Unless they are twisted and closed - the lid will not shut! Therefore I am not placing a bottle into my purse and believe it to be closed when it is not.

I can't put the lid down unless the bottle top was properly turned and sealed.  You can also get a Sport Top if you like, but for now we'll stick with the kids' top.

Another concern I have with various bottles is the taste.  A lot of materials give a funny taste to the liquid inside.  I didn't notice that with the SIGG bottles.  The kids seemed to find the taste just right as well - as they didn't complain as they have about other bottles.

They were also the perfect bottles to take with us to our favorite amusement park.  We always bring water bottles of some sort with us when we visit an amusement park or state park - or any time we will be spending a lot of the day outside.  They held up well, were easy to tote around with us - and as I said previously, they didn't make the water taste funny!

About SIGG

For over 100 years, SIGG has utilized Swiss precision to design and build products that make life easier and a little more enjoyable. SIGG is a brand of optimism and hope, of forward thinking and positive action.

  • We make bottles to the highest standards of Swiss quality and craftsmanship.
  • We make bottles that are ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately, easily recycled.
  • We make bottles that are as fashionable as they are functional.
  • The future we see is green and clean, sleek and stylish.