What my motherhood has taught me about your motherhood

Friday, August 3, 2012

Growing up and long before I had children of my own - I knew exactly how my motherhood would be.

My kids wouldn't dare talk back to me.

My kids would be allowed to be children, but when I said to quiet down - they would understand and obey immediately.

I'm clean and organized, so my children would be as well.

I'm a quiet person, so of course my children are going to be quiet.

If they did step out of line, a stern look from me would send a shiver up their spine and they would straighten up before I had a chance to say their first, middle and last name.

Scream and throw a fit in a store? They would never do that!

They would be appreciative of what they have and where they were able to go.

They would say "please" and "thank you".

They would not yell for me, scream for me - repeatedly... from the other side of the house.

I would get to go to the bathroom all by myself.

My bathroom time would not be interrupted with constant inquiries of "Mommmy?" "Mom?" "Mommy?" "MOM!"

Exercise? Yes, my kids are going to let me exercise in peace!

They will know that mommy enjoys her quiet time.

When I'm brushing my teeth, the kids will not begin to ask a thousand different questions and earnestly await my reply.

Run out into the road and through the parking lot? Never!

Now, my children must have known all of the above expectations in which I set many years ago. They've reviewed them. Thought about it. Crunched some numbers... and decided that their childhood didn't match up with my motherhood.

"We are going to take a different route" they whispered to each other.

So, I've had to let go of a few things. Namely - my perception on motherhood.

Motherhood isn't about me. Motherhood is about their childhood.

I'm sure I could drive myself {and my husband and kids} crazy trying to keep things perfect and everyone's behavior perfect. Oh but what type of stories would I have to tell my grandchildren?

So, what has my motherhood taught me about your motherhood? That I have no idea what your motherhood is like! Each kid comes equipped with their own little personality and imagination. If your child is screaming in the middle of a store... I will not look on with disgust. I will only hope that I can go another week without it happening to me.