The Chrysler 200 - A New Classic

Friday, August 31, 2012

Though I spend a lot of time thinking about vehicles as well as talking and tweeting about them - it's usually vehicles that are thought of as family oriented.

However, who could pass up a chance to cruise around in a convertible? A stylish, classy and eye-catching Chrysler 200. Our family of four had a fun week trying out the fun features and dynamically different ride that a convertible provides.

I'm pretty sure they couldn't have planned the music selection any better upon our entering the vehicle for the first time. Opening the door and turning the key, we were greeted by fun tunes from the 1950's. Coupled with the sleek interior and this fabulous throwback clock on the dashboard - I was in heaven.  Or maybe that was just Bobby Helms on the SIRIUS Satellite Radio singing "My Special Angel".

The interior was classy and stylish.  My picture to the right doesn't do justice to it's beautifully stitched leather seats.  We didn't have the room that we are use to in our four-door sedans or larger vehicles, but we expected that from a convertible.  Space was sacrificed for the retractable hardtop, but if you're looking for the ride that you can only get from a convertible - space probably isn't your first concern.  However, it does have the most rear passenger leg room in it's class.

My husband was a little uncomfortable in the car.  At 6' 3", he requires more leg room.  So, I guess the Chrysler 200 would just be my extra vehicle.  I'll get to work on convincing him of that! 
We cruised the country roads and enjoyed the fresh air.  We drove by and thought about joining the ladies and gentlemen showing off their classic vehicles at a local parking lot.  (Which they do every weekend in the Summer)  They turned and stared as we drove by... as did a lot people!  My mother assured me that it was the vehicle they were turning to see... and not me.    

But we continued on.  We had big plans!

What were they?  The drive in of course!

Because that is where you take a convertible.

I've been to the drive in once or twice.  However, you haven't been to the drive in until you've gone in a convertible.

It was so much fun enjoying a movie in the open air while getting to glance up and take in the stars occasionally.  I even looked up just in time to see a falling star during the movie.

It was definitely a fun week.  I did not enjoy driving it with the top up.  It's a convertible, why waste a trip with the top up!  So we had it down at all times.  Except for that time when it rained.  As always, we took every opportunity to get out and put the vehicle to a driving test.  Trips through the state park.  A stop or two at the grocery store.  Driving by the homes of various friends and family to show off the Chrysler 200.  "Is that a Sebring?" some asked.  Nope, it's the new thing!

For a moment, the kids thought mommy had super powers due to the remote starter.

The Chrysler 200 has an MSRP starting at $26,955.