A Special Evening for Mommy {For My Children}

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Children -

Last evening the two of you did something that was very special for me. After I had read my entry to you about our evening watching the Care Bear Movie, you recreated that for me.

Savannah, you put the DVD in and started the move.

Joey you laid down near me on the couch - just as you had as an infant.

Savannah, you wrapped yourself up on the opposite couch.

Each of us in our old favorite spots - enjoying a very blessed evening at home, with each other.

Both of you asked if you were in the right spots. Then our evening faded into dreams of driving above the clouds and asking if Care-a-lot was a real place.

Each day I know I'm blessed. I love that the two of you can reminder how deeply I am blessed.