What do you write about?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In an interview last week {I don't know why people want to interview me either}, I was asked what I blog/write about. It's interesting to sit back and examine your own blog. What do I write about?

Over the years it has changed - along with my life. My top priorities and thought patterns have changed quite significantly since I began nearly two decades ago.

I tend to write about what is most prominent in my thoughts at the moment. At one point, I wrote mostly on social media/blogging tips. I currently write more about my daily life and time spent with my children.

I add reviews to the line up - as long as the product/service fits into our life and interests. Ultimately, I have to enjoy what I post.

That's my advice to you. If you don't enjoy writing on certain topics, I don't see the relevance in spending hours composing articles on the subject. That is in regards to your personal blog - not for posts/articles where you are employed.

When you enjoy something - scrap booking, your children, photography, cooking, writing tips, financial planning, the technical side of social media - I think it will shine through and you will find a greater joy in maintaining a blog. It will become seemingly effortless.

Throughout the years, I've been all over the board. I can say though, that I enjoy what I write and I allow the topics/niche to gradually fade into one another. That makes up who I am.

I admire the blogs of others just as I admire the writings of great authors such as Alfred Lord Tennyson. I can only be myself and not try to emulate the postings of other bloggers just as I am not and could never be Tennyson.

After saying all of that, what do you write about? Are you trying to be another blogger that you esteem or do you let your thoughts flow and design your writing around that?

You will find that you are able to craft a much more interesting blog when you allow it to be uniquely you.