Poler Napsack for kids!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Credit: http://www.polerstuff.com/kids-napsack/

The Poler Napsack is not only a useful sleeping bag - it's also fun! I received a Poler Napsack for kids a few weeks ago and I've enjoyed seeing everything the kids have been able to do with it.

So far the kids have used it while performing their super hero duties, flying their jet planes, while on safari in Africa and finally when they camped out... in the family room.

To them, it is more than an item that keeps them comfortable and warm while they sleep. They pull it on, slip their arms through and a new adventure has begun. Sometimes that adventure is a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the table - but what other sleeping bag can you wear comfortably while having lunch?

We plan to take the kids camping later this Summer and I'm sure it will be a difficult decision on who gets to actually use the Polar Napsack and who gets to use the standard sleeping bag!

Kids don't need to be told how awesome the Napsack is. It's like a bike or a skateboard, once they see it, it's on! Pull your arms in, zip and cinch it up and use it like a regular sleeping bag, or pull it up to their waist (or armpits!) and they can run around in it like a puffy coat. Perfect for sleepovers, steamroller, battles, sleeping in carseats, warming up after swimming in the ocean and basically anything else that you can think of. The kids napsack fits your average 5-9 year old, but check our height chart to be sure. Smaller kids don't fit as well, but they'll want to be in it anyway. Chest pocket fits an iphone or mp3 player with internal cable routing for headphones.

Check out the Kids Poler Napsack here!