Finding Bloggy Conference Sponsorship

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We {Bloggy Conference} recently held another fun and very informative Twitter party about finding sponsorship for the conference. However, all the tips and suggestions can be used for any conference you're looking to attend.

If you missed it - here are some questions to answer and tips to get you started.

{1} Have you determined the cost for you to attend? Ticket. Travel. Lodging?
Before you can begin asking brands for sponsorship, you must have a calculation of the expected cost to attend the event.

{2} With cost calculated, how many levels of sponsorship can you offer?
Check out this breakdown of sponsorship levels provided on

{3} What can you offer your sponsor(s)?
What type of advertising and marketing of their services/products can you provide them.  Ad space on your blog?  A post about them and their services/products each month for a given time frame?

{4}  Do you have a media/sponsorship kit?
Browse the Media Kit tips provided by

{5}  Who is your audience? Who does your blog appeal to the most? 
This helps determined the best brands for sponsorship.

{6}  Do you have a button/image stating that you are seeking sponsorship?
Get a #BloggyCon sponsorship button here

{7}  Do you know which businesses best fit your target audience? 
Tip: Make a list!

{8}  Have you sent proposals to brands/businesses?
The sooner the better!  Don't wait too long - they wouldn't be able to make an agreement and cut a check even if they wanted to when you wait until the last minute.

{9}  Are you following up with the brands you have contacted? 
Be persistent without being annoying.  A friendly and final reminder of your proposal may be in your best interest.

{10}  Have you created a dedicated post about seeking sponsorship?
This is a great post for your "Sponsor Me" button to link back to.  This is where you explain where you want to go, how much it will cost to get there and what you can provide brands that help make this successful.

{11}  Are you using various social media platforms –Twitter-Facebook- to announce that you are seeking sponsorship?
Use each of your social platforms to announce {multiple times} that you are seeking sponsorship.  

Reminder:  Each conference has policies regarding personal sponsorship.  Check out Bloggy Conference Sponsorship Policies.

Just a few of the awesome tweets from the Twitter Party!