Dear Teenage Tiffany

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The video you will find at the bottom of this post, is what inspired me to write the following.  In this video, 32 year old Jeremiah is interviewed by his younger, 12 year old self.

Think back to your younger self.  Where did you think the future would take you?  How did you view that future 'you'?

Dear Teenage Tiffany -

The adolescent years come complete with confusion, excitement and hope.  Pondering and planning your path while dreaming of the accomplishments that may follow fuel the fire inside and on you go.  As for the list of dreams, well, let's go through them shall we?

Complete Broadcasting School and continue on to University:

You were able to complete both.  They ended up being a financial burden and if it hadn't been for the classes at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University - you might have considered it an entire waste.  Also, having met your future husband at Indiana University, it was very difficult to ever regret your time and money having been spent there.

A future with a husband and four children:   

As I mentioned just earlier, you met the love of your life while at Indiana University.  The two of you married just a few weeks after his graduation and began a family the next year.  You were only able to have two children and they are your world.

Living in a suburb of a larger city, Chicago perhaps:

While at Indiana University, you realized just how much the small town where you grew up meant to you.  Growing up so close to your large family had a greater impact on you than you were aware of - until you were away from them.  You couldn't image raising your children away from family and threw aside the childish notion that you've only "made it" if you move away.

Work within broadcasting:

Your Junior year at Indiana University, you realized just how much you disliked the fast pace of broadcasting.  Though you had not yet met your husband or had plans for a family - you strongly believed that a career in broadcasting would interfere with the plans you had for wifehood and motherhood.  

The Mrs.:

As most teenage girls you know are doing, you are wondering what your last name will be when you marry.  It's Noth.  Everyone will call you North.  They will also ask you if you are related to the actor Chris Noth.  You are not related to Mr. Bigg.

Ultimately, you are a gal of simple wants, needs and happiness.  A glass of sweet tea or a cup of coffee while spending time with your family is what you enjoy the most, other than reading and writing.  The simple things - the good things.

Have you written a letter to your younger self?  Link it up!

I wouldn't consider the language in this video to be rated G.