So, my daughter is now A Bloggy Girl

Friday, June 29, 2012

My daughter has been asking to blog for around two years now.

Last year, we set up a blog - and then did nothing with it. As she has begun to develop her reading and writing skills, she has inquired more often about writing a blog.

I remember the desire to write when I was young. Before I could even complete words, or even read, I filled sheet after sheet of paper with the letter 'O'. Or, maybe it was the number "0". We can't be sure.

Once I could write, I remember pretending to be a reporter for a news paper and writing stories about the happenings in the neighborhood or the latest in the the playroom.

I was, quite often, very proud of my work.

As I grew older I hid more of what I wrote and eventually threw it away in disappointment. I wish I could look back on those stories and thoughts today.

Knowing the lack of self-esteem I had coupled with the strong desire to write - I can feel where she sits today. I didn't have much encouragement, however that was due to my lack of voicing my desires.

I'm so glad that she has mentioned and continued to push the matter.

No matter what platform she chooses to use - blog, journal, etc.. I will encourage it!

So, I introduce to you - Savannah of A Bloggy Girl and her first post.
Her review of the 2012 Honda Pilot.