How do I grow my blog audience?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The questions I am asked most frequently all relate to building a blog audience.

"How do I grow my blog?"

"How do I find more readers?"

"How do I increase my audience?"

While there is no secret and magical set of instructions - here is a list of "Must-Dos" that you need to focus on in order to even begin to build an audience.

{1} Content

If you aren't providing interesting and relevant content, there is no compelling reason for someone to visit your blog and then remain on your site for a while browsing various posts.

I've often seen "Sorry I haven't been around for a while, I'll post more soon!" type entries repeatedly on blogs - beginning blogs. If you haven't posted in a while, that's evident - there is no need to point it out in a short and thoughtless post.

If your blog is comprised largely of this type of post, then you essentially have no content.

The type of content that is relevant and interesting will vary depending on the audience and niche. Do you post recipes or Do-It-Yourself entries? Are you writing about your every day life and experiences? Is your blog made up of couponing and savings tips with daily deals listed?

Whatever the case may be, you need to provide real content with depth.

{2} Where are you?

You may have the most fascinating content, yet if no one knows where you are - how can they visit you?

The beginning of each year at college was filled with finding out where friends were living that year and letting friends know where they could find me for the next two semesters. Your blog address is much like having a new physical address. If you don't make it known - how can anyone visit?

Make sure this information is readily available on any profile you set up.  Anywhere.

Bloggy Moms

Your profile on all accounts should lead your connections back to your blog.  They will no doubt browse through your About Information on the accounts - why not provide that important url.

{3}  See and be seen!

Make the daily/weekly rounds through your social media accounts. 

Post a status update and send out a tweet.

Visit other blogs and leave a thoughtful comment that is relevant to the post.  After all, you did read the post in its entirety before you left a comment.

Participate in Twitter parties - Hashtag discussions.

Comment on the fanpage of pages that you have 'liked'.

{4}  Invite discussion.      

Encourage your readers to participate and take a role in your blog and share their thoughts/opinions.  When your readers do comment on a post - be grateful they took the time to do that.  Reply to their comment and make it a two way discussion.

There are many more elements to developing your audience.  Template/Layout, Links, Niche - they all play a role.  Take the first step by being social in social media.