Fairfield Inn and Suites Gatlinburg North

Monday, June 4, 2012

As much as I love going on a road trip with the family and being gone for days - I am always so nervous about our overnight accommodations. If I haven't seen the hotel, how do I know it will be in a good location with friendly staff and be clean?

Photo Credit:  Marriott.com
Our first trip to Gatlinburg, we waited until we arrived in the area before we decided on a place to stay. I am glad that we did it that way. Some places that seemed quaint and relaxing in brochures and on a Google search - weren't really that when you pulled into their parking lots.

As soon as we drove into Gatlinburg, we saw the Fairfield Inn. The kids were immediately distracted by their swimming pool and slide. It wasn't a large pool, but perfect for the ages of our children.

After nearly an hour driving through Gatlinburg and crossing several of the hotel and motel accommodations off of our list, we returned to the Fairfield Inn.

When we told the kids that we would be returning to Gatlinburg this year, they immediately began asking to stay at the same hotel. I browsed other locations online. Locations that were most definitely just as nice.

Photo Credit: Marriott.com
We had such a fantastic time the first trip, why not stay there again?

The staff was just as friendly as our first visit and we again felt very comfortable staying there for the week. I recommend a balcony view if you decide to stay with them. On vacations, the children always enjoy having a snack on the balcony and watching what is happening around them.

This time, we overlooked the pool area. The kids sat outside and talked about what they would do next time we ventured down there.

...my son, walks on water.
Clearly, my son had planned to walk on water.  Or maybe I just had a really lucky shot.  Either way, we had a lot of fun at the pool!

The pool is the perfect size for my kids who take a little time to get comfortable in a pool.  It has a gradual grade down into the water, just as you would find in a wave pool or the beach.  They love the slide and Joey, he loves to hid under the red umbrella.