Dog Days of Summer

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This post is brought to you as a part of the Dog Days of Summer Campaign, hosted by the folks at dog training collars. Here's to a happy and safe summer for all our canine pals!

I have always looked forward to the warm days of Summer! Playing outside as a child - and now with my own children. Running through the sprinklers and just enjoying everything that Summer has to offer.

During my college years and in the first few years of marriage, both Dan and I had pet dogs. My pup was an adorable full breed Cocker Spaniel with coal black fur. It grew fast and made it a little difficult for him to keep cool during the warmest of Summer days. Dan, my then fiance, had a full breed Alaskan Malamute. Oh he was beautiful! It was also hard for him to keep cool while he enjoyed the much needed time outdoors. It was very important for both of us to help our pets out and do what it took to make sure they were comfortable.

A few things I found useful in keeping my Cocker Spaniel cool:

{1} Keeping his coat trimmed.

I love when Cocker Spaniels are let to grow out their beautiful coats. However, during those hot Summer months, I often took him to the groomer and had his coat trimmed down to better allow him to cool off.

{2} Keeping him bathed.

By making sure he was bathed often I was hopefully able to help him feel a little cooler after the bath, but also wash away the build up of everyday play outside.

{3} Provide a lot of fresh water!

I purchased a water bowl that allowed his water to stay cool longer. It still needed refreshed quite often throughout the day - but it was nice knowing that it would remain cool for him if he hadn't rushed over to lap it up as soon as I had set it down for him.

{4} Taking water with us on the go!

Though there are a lot of products to tote water around for your pup, I toted along a special bowl for him and made sure to bring a fresh to-go bottle of water for him. He loved to run and play when we took him for walks or to the park. During the Summer this of course built up his thirst. It's very important to make sure you provide water for your pet when taking them out and about in the hot weather!

When I did take my pup out, it was also important to think of his safety. If we walked, it was important for him to be on a leash. As much fun as it is to walk freely with your dog - keeping them away from oncoming traffic is so much more important. He normally listened to me, however I was always afraid there would be the moment he didn't and a vehicle wouldn't see him in time. He was also a very easily distracted little doggy. I never knew if he wouldn't suddenly see something on the other side of the road he wanted to chase after. So, a leash is always a must!

Have a fun and safe Summer with your beloved pets!  Keep them well hydrated and safe!