Shopping and Saving Money

Friday, May 25, 2012

I enjoy shopping.

Surprise, I know! Actually, I love to shop yet I am not so fond of parting with money. When I can save on items we need, then I am a happy mama.

We {Mr. Incredible and I} like the frequent deals and coupons available at Kohl's. It is a great place to find the latest fashions and catch a smart deal not only on wardrobe items... but the much needed iron skillets, rolling pins, Kitchen Aid mixers and Keurig coffee makers that are a necessity in our home. {We love coffee, homemade brownies and pizza}

We also love to hit outlet stores while on vacation. Mr. Incredible's work attire requires dress pants, shirt and tie. {Oh I love that combo!} We are able to stock up on those necessities in one trip... save time and money! That's a win/win in his book and our son's. Neither of them enjoy too much time spent shopping.

JCPenney is another favorite for savings. If you haven't visited a JCPenney store recently, you may want to try them again! I've always enjoyed their stores for specific items and am very impressed with their new prices. I'm sure you remember the recent marketing they've ran with Ellen Degeneres. The commercials make even more sense when you step inside and begin to peruse and oh so stealthily glance down at the price tag. You'll be delighted. I promise.

How are you saving money during your shopping trips?