Ripley's 3 D Moving Theater {Now 4 D}

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This past Winter was my first experience with 3 D movie theaters.  Actually, it ended up being 4 D.  That was a nice surprise.  My mother, sister and I took all the kids to see a special showing of a Christmas movie that came complete with the smells of hot chocolate and what felt like ice being broken up beneath our feet and flying up at us. 

The kids absolutely loved it.  The adults did as well...  I can only imagine how exciting something like that might be for children.  Not only seeing a movie on a giant screen but feeling more a part of it than ever before.

We'll be doing something like this again during out Smoky Mountain vacation.  After my initial visit to a 3 D theater - I'm eager to take the kids to another one. 

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Find hours and ticket pricing for Ripley's 3-D Moving Theater here

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