Outlasting Me - Secret Outlast Deodorant Review

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My favorite product reviews are for items in which I am actually trying to make a decision on in my personal life. Over the course of the past year, I have been on a mission to find my new favorite deodorant.

I typically have a favorite of every single thing I use. Whether it be mascara, vehicle or orange juice - I find one and stick with it until it is discontinued or no longer works for me.

Unfortunately the invisible solid I had used since college was suddenly nowhere to be found!

I buy a new brand, scent, etc...

It ends up in my daughter's drawer of items she uses to pretend she is grown up.

As if running Bloggy Moms, planning Bloggy Conference and homeschooling my children weren't enough work on top of everything a mother needs to do all day. I added coaching two Little League teams to my busy schedule!

The Secret Outlast solid and gel have kept up! When most things can't keep up with my busy schedule, it did.

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Secret Outlast Deodorant Review