New Outdoor Furniture! A fabulous #jcpfind!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Unless the weather is too cold, I enjoy sitting outside and watching the kids play – or just taking in the beauty of my surroundings. A swing that sat in the shade of our backyard was my favorite place to enjoy a glass of sweet tea and read. However, this Spring I was forced to say goodbye to my beloved swing.

I let her spend too many Winters in the cold. The elements finally wore her down and about sent me to the ground when I tried to sit on her a few weeks ago. So, I will now start doing what my father does and putting outdoor furniture in storage during the colder and snowy months. Before I can do that, I need to find new furniture. Shopping trip!

JCPenney had a great new lineup of outdoor furniture. Thanks to JCPenney I was able to go and do a little shopping. I loved the colors and options. The kids had their heart set on a few lounge chairs. I should have made the trip sooner! I wanted a glider. My grandmother had a glider on her porch when I was little and I would love to have one. I waited too long and they were sold out by the time I went shopping.

They did still have a bench that I wanted. We brought it home to replace my swing. Dan and Joey put it together for me so I could enjoy it this Memorial Day Weekend. They are so good to me!

How are you getting ready for outdoor entertaining this Summer? Remember to check out JCPenney's Patio and Outdoor Living to get you started!