Fun Erasers for Kids! - Eraselet Review

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Being a home educating mother, I would think that losing erasers wouldn't be an issue. Our classroom is located in our home. So, you would think that small school items wouldn't easily be lost.


We do venture to the state park and other places for a little spin and change of scenery. Smaller items do end up disappearing or finding itself a new home amongst trees and parking lots.

Kimberly and Bryan Ricci came up with a neat solution to this same problem they experienced with their daughters. The Eraselt! A bracelet... an eraser!

Whether you are looking for an awareness Eraselet® to Erase your cause, an inexpensive fundraising item, or a promotional product for your business to get into the hands of kids, Eraselets are your answer! Kids love Eraselets! Let your custom imprint become a collectable to kids and spread your distinct message!

Eraselet has also provided us with a way to help others. We are excited to be able to share our product with you, to help you to Erase Your Cause! Through our non-profit, Erase World Hunger, we are able to provide food, clean drinking water and love to children in this country as well as countries all around the world. What does your non-profit do and how can we help you to Erase Your Cause?

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