Bicycles and Childhood Memories - Sponsored Video

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So many of my best childhood memories include a bicycle. I and the other children who lived on my block traveled many miles peddling up and down the small streets surrounding our neighborhood. Not even the Summer sun, a June rain shower or the coldest chill from Fall winds would deter us.

Whether we were racing to be the first to grab the most popular place in the grass under the Rosenberger's large shade trees or slowly making our way down the street having the deepest and most world-changing conversation - we were on our bikes!

Well, we did stop for a game of baseball, dodge ball and basketball from time to time. But we loved our bikes. Actually, I think we really enjoyed each other's company.

The sound of wheels spinning faster and tires creating friction on the blacktop as we suddenly stopped to huddle and plan our next activity… will forever be a cherished memory.

My kids now have bicycles of their own. Savannah no longer needs training wheels and Joey isn’t far behind her. I’m certain he will lose the training wheels at some point in the next couple of months. I hope they create as many wonderful memories on their current and future bicycles as I did.

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