Kitchen Table Bakers' Jalapeno Crisps

Monday, April 23, 2012

The kids and I really enjoy snacking on the left over Easter candy... but that is a very bad habit to get into. I should also stop buying candy I know they won't eat - that I end up eating.  We buy the typical healthy snack items such as apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, etc...  I love buying a spicy block of cheese and snacking on that for while.  It is always fun to find new and different items to add to the better-for-you list of foods.

We were recently sent a package of Kitchen Table Baker's Jalapeno Crisps. I was afraid that they may be too spicy for the kids, so I didn't offer them any. After having eaten the entire package of crisps with the husband, I don't think it would have been too spicy for them.

The crisps are a nice alternative to plain crackers or potato chips. If you're watching carbs, which I sometimes do, it's a nice little snack item as they are made of cheese. Having been made of cheese, I was surprised that they were in fact crispy!

Though we snacked on the Jalapeno Crisps, they would be fantastic served with soup and salad. Crumbled up and put on top of the salad - oh I should have tried that!  I guess I will do that next time and let you know how it turns out.