Veggie Tales Live!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last evening, I had the pleasure of taking my children to their first concert! Veggie Tales Live! They absolutely love their Veggie Tales DVD's - so I knew this would be a thrill for them. I mean, seeing a live, giant, talking tomato and cucumber? Who wouldn't dance the aisles with excitement?  There were plenty of cute little kids doing that!

On the way to Veggie Tales Live, my son was a little nervous.  The thought of a real, I mean real tomato that would talk... was a little worrisome for my little guy.  He quickly concluded that "it is really people under there".  Smart kid.  He didn't attempt to dance in his seat or the aisle like most of the children who were there.  Yet he did have a wonderful time.

 The Veggie Tales characters sang and danced to many of our favorite Silly Songs with Larry.  This included my personal favorite, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

A cute storyline went along with all of the silly songs and it flowed very nicely. I promise, you've never ever ever ever ever seen a show like Veggie Tales Live.  

The opportunity for this review provided by Big Idea.