Mommy, did you bring a drink?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We may be on a lazy Summer stroll or on a quick trip to the market - and as if perfectly rehearsed, my children ask "Mommy, did you bring a drink?".

We aren't capable of being without something to drink. At any given moment. We must always bring a drink. A juice. A water. A something!

I do have a few memories from childhood, where I thought I may actually die if I didn't get a drink. That soda machine catching my eye. Reminding me just how dry and parched my mouth was.

So, I can relate. They over estimate the seriousness of the situation. As did I.

I have developed the habit of carrying a purse large enough to conceal a water bottle or to-go cup. Or maybe having a cross-body bag that a drink container can easily hook onto. {That by the way, is fantastic when on vacation!}

If I need to carry a drink at all times - I also need to purchase clever drink containers, right? Much to my husband's chagrin, I've accumulated many of them.

Luckily for him, the last acquired to-go cups were provided for me in the form of a product review.

The Safe Sporter has definitely come in handy. It has a TPR sleeve for easy and comfortable gripping {it also removes easily!}.  The mud lid and pull spout work together perfectly to help keep my shoulder bag dry, should it happen to tip over.

It also did NOT have that weird taste that some drink containers of its type have.  Everything tasted just as it should!  It's definitely being added to the Take-On-Vacation list!