Car Safety & First Aid Kit

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The first two vehicles I owned as a young{er} person - were older vehicles. Wrought with problems. But really, when a friend of the family sells you a vehicle for $1 plus the $400 repairs it needed - what 17 year old wouldn't jump at that? Especially a teenager in charge of purchasing her own vehicle, paying for its gas and insurance.

My friends and I had a good time laughing and teasing about my car. She wasn't what I dreamed of - oh but she was all mine. I had earned the money for her.

Yet when you have an older car... it is probably going to have issues. Her issues are what have caused me to always have my trunk packed with emergency items and my cell phone charged! Often times, I will also have my cell phone charging as I drive. Just in case.

Yesterday during my Spring Cleaning, I found our old diaper bag. It is heavy duty. It is big. It is useful. I had been upset with myself as I thought I had given it to Goodwill or sold it in a yard sale. I knew it would make the perfect container for all the emergency items you may need to stow in your trunk!

Pretty sure that even the gallon of water I keep in my car will fit into it nicely! I'm also a little too excited to get the new emergency kit into the car.

So, what do you pack in a Car Safety and First Aid Kit? Here are my suggestions!

- A gallon of water. Useful if your car overheats or if your car breaks down on a hot day and the kids are in need of fluids.

- Gauze, burn cream, band-aids, cotton balls, q-tips, rubbing alcohol

- A blanket

- Flashlights and back up batteries

- A lighter

- Baby Wipes

- Hand Sanitizer

- Umbrella

- Tweezers {My kids have a good habit of getting splinters, a lot}

- Emergency medications {That will not spoil in the cold/hot weather}

- Plastic bags {For trash or wet clothing}

- A towel or two

What other items do you keep on hand or in your car?