Beautiful Smoky Mountains

Friday, March 23, 2012

Two years ago, Mr. Incredible and I took our kids on the first family vacation. We wanted a destination that was simple, relatively close and inexpensive. Our children were still fairly young and we weren't positive they would be cooperative with extensive travel or time away from home.

We chose to vacation for a few days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I love visiting the mountains... or the ocean. Or anywhere in between! We had a great time - even though we went there not knowing what type of attractions we would find to entertain us. Personally, I'm happy relaxing in nature. The kids need a little more.

This year we will head back to the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg! I'm in the process of planning our trip... and would love to hear your suggestions for fun in the area!

A new post coming soon with all the suggestions and information provided by companies/attractions in the area!