How do You Homeschool?

After reading the following article,  12 Most Compelling Reasons to Homeschool Your Children, I have started wondering how other homeschoolers lay out their day.

Excerpt from article.
I’ve been a public school educator and administrator for more than a decade, so you may be surprised that when parents ask for my advice about education, I often suggest they allow their children to leave school. Education reform is happening today, but it’s slow and often ineffective. Parents need to do what is in the best interest of their children, right now.

For some this means working hard with a school to adapt to meet a child’s needs. But many schools are rigid and don’t believe students are entitled to a customized learning experience. For these parents the best option is often to leave school behind and empower children with the freedom to learn what they want in the way that is best for them.

Here are the twelve most compelling reasons for leaving school behind if your child is not finding success and happiness there.

We have a dedicated room in the house to school work. It is complete with chalk board, posters, teacher's desk, two student desks, flags, books, etc... However, we do not always use this room. We have sometimes down school work outside or at the dining room table. We typically mold the school work to meet the needs of the day.

It's been a difficult process to assure a few other people that school work does not need to be a 7 - 8 hour day where our children spend most of that time sitting at a desk.

I guess you could say we're a mix of homeschool and unschool. How do you homeschool?

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