A List for My Children

Well before I had the opportunity to stay at home with my children, I had a list of things I wanted to do with them when I did get to be at home.

I never wrote that list down.

Increasingly I find myself not doing everything I wanted to do.

This makes me feel like a failure.

I wonder if I've spent too much time behind my laptop. Have I spent too much time cleaning and organizing? Are too many minutes wasted marking things from my busy schedule?

In truth, I will probably spend my entire life feeling as if I haven't lived up to something I could have been or done. My hope is that my children do not feel this way about me.

On this cold January day here in Indiana, I am once again dreaming of this list.

{1} Laugh more often with my children

{2} Look in their eyes when they are speaking to me

{3} Have more patience when a mess is made and a drink is spilled

{4} Sit and read with them more than just for school or a bed time story

{5} Take more walks with them, observing the beautiful world around us

{6} Splash and play with them in their pool this Summer

{7} Take them to the State Park more often

{8} Watch their favorite cartoons/movies with them

{9} Tell them more stories of when I was a young girl

{10} Just sit and watch them be little

{11} Turn off all social media apps and power off the laptop daily. My kids deserve uninterrupted time.

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