Vlasic Reduced Sodium Pickles!

Monday, December 5, 2011

In our house, we love pickles. Even the kiddos, well... at least Incredible Daughter does. Other than eating them as is, we have various recipes we love to include them in... and some recipes that center around pickles entirely!

This year I have begun to watch what I eat a little more carefully. You know, I'm getting up there! So I need to take care of myself {and my family} even when we're having a favorite treat or side dish.   It is fantastic when your favorite items and brands create healthier options! 

Enter Vlasic Reduced Sodium Spears! These babies were an awesome treat to receive and try out.  I know I know... anytime something is reduced-anything, it seems a little scary!  How will it taste... how will it compare.  I noticed no difference really.  They were the same fantastic and crunchy taste you can expect from Vlasic.

Give them a try this Holiday Season... I KNOW you have a lot of appetizer recipes you could use these in!