Storage Space and Your Bedroom - Platform Beds!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If your home is anything like the Incredible Household, you need to use space wisely. Sure we have a large enough home for four people to share comfortably, but oh the stuff... where do families these days put all of their stuff?  We don't have any type of linen or hall closet... So I like to use the space under each bed for a linen tote.  Under each bed is a tote that holds the extra pillow cases and sheets for that particular bed. 

Remarkably enough, my children weren't born with an inherent need to organize and return everything to its rightful spot. They love to push things under the bed. If you can't see it, I guess it's 'put away', right? I know your kids put everything away... so you won't need this solution.

I've decided, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Well, at least in my mind. Use the space underneath the beds as storage and organizing space. The best way to utilize this is by having beds that will cooperate with you. They can't be too low. You'll need a platform bed!

Platforms beds are great for underneath storage as they are raised and flat.  No springs, etc... for your items underneath to become tangled on.

I love the platform beds that sit high enough for decorative storage baskets and totes to slide comfortably underneath.  This storage platform bed is great for kids rooms and homes or apartments where storage space is limited.  The built in storage feature in a necessary bedroom piece solves two issues at once.

It also gives the room a clean and well organized appearance, which is what your child is striving to achieve in the first place, right?  Maybe that's just my children, or I'm dreaming again!  At least this way, they are allowed to put things under the bed during clean up time.

  The ideal piece for Mr. Incredible and myself would be the California king size platform bed.  Though we could also use the storage space, the size of the bed is what matters for us.  Yes, we do like to cuddle... so pushing him over to his side of the bed isn't the issue! Though maybe he does push me to my side, I don't know.  I'm told I snore.  The real issue is that only two of us climb into bed at night, yet somehow we wake up with two little munchkins in the morning.  It would be great to have the added width to keep us all from being 'so close'.