Redecorating My Kitchen and Dining Room {but it's all in my head}

Monday, June 6, 2011

My remodeling and redecorating daydreaming continues... much to Mr. Incredible's chagrin. In all actuality, I want too much! I think I would just need a new home designed to my specifications to include all of my daydreaming desires. If you want to turn these daydreams into reality, you can use this promo code if you are on a budget !

Here we go again!

In our current home, we have a kitchen that is too small for a table. It is solely used for cooking and pantry space. We have a room just before the kitchen that is used as our dining room. It's not fancy, it holds our solid {I believe it's solid, purchased it at a second hand store in excellent condition} oak table and four chairs along with a book shelf and my piano. It's simple and cozy. Yet, in this amazing new home I imagine for the family.... that table would be in the kitchen and a table similar to this with the antique dining chairs would be in our dining room. Don't you love it?!  I love the darker wood paired with the lighter seat cushions. 

This is almost exactly what our dining side chairs look like now.  I love their simplicity and country look.  Even with all of my imaginary redecorating and purchasing, I would keep this set and use them in the kitchen.  They are pieces that never go out of style and look great in all styles of home and kitchen.  In fact I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw the entire set in the window of the second hand store.  I can't believe no one had snatched it up before I got there.  They were in such great condition and it's hard to imagine someone selling the piece unless they absolutely weren't able to move with them.  I'll have to clean it up and take a picture to post.  I absolutely love the table and chairs!

If I were able to have an even more elegant dining room, I would definitely choose parson chairs similar to this.  Again, I am digging the darker wood paired with a lighter fabric.  The sleek lines of a parson chair are always elegant.  Though with the young kids at home, this may be a dining room that is for decoration purposes and not actually used!  You know, the dining room with the pristine carpet that always appears to have just been vacuumed?  I think the kids would avoid the room if they were given the instruction to do so, right?

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