Mr. Incredible and the Desk Dilemma

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Though Mr. Incredible has no idea, I am secretly plotting to get rid of the horrible set up he calls a desk in our office. It consist of two tables that appear to be microwave stands and have slide out keyboard trays. Together, with some other stand, they are formed to shape and "L". It drives me crazy!

So, now it's time to go browsing for computer desks!  When I think of an office and a desk, this is more like what I envision... well, over the space saver desks currently in use.  Nice clean, straight lines.  Doesn't look like it belongs in the kitchen!  {Love you Mr. Incredible!} 

Since we also use our office as our school room, we home school, maybe the teacher deserves a new desk... maybe a bow front desk. You know, make the students comfortable and give them space to leave their homework!  Wouldn't a little bell and apple look great on that desk!

Though, if the incredible husband insists on an L-shaped desk, maybe we can go for one that was intended for just that. This office supply and furniture lover's heart is beating fast over this beauty!  Hey hubby, it doesn't look like it belongs in the kitchen! 

Does anyone think Mr. Incredible is getting the hint?  Oh wait, this was a secret project...