Making a House a Home - Guest Post

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A fabulous guest post by Cinzia Rolling!  You can check her out here.

As a parent, have you ever been facing an option, requirement or a desire to move out of your current residence, City or even State and been overcome with the sickening question of how it will affect your children? Has this caused you to teeter-totter on your decision to go or not to go? Once one has children, there is no question that decisions of such magnitude become a little more difficult to make.

I’ve gotten plenty of advice over the years, both before children and after having children so I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I have learned so far.  Children are truly resilient and even when something may seem like a difficult adjustment to them, it turns out to be an opportunity for growth. Fear not, there are some things parents can do to make a transition easier and be sure that you are not leaving your Home for a new House in a new locale.

1. Include your children in the process. Yes, this can be more challenging, but it is always a good idea
to have them really feel a part of the process and having some say in the matter versus arriving on the
day of the move. This would mean a family visit to the proposed destination when looking for your new
home once you have narrowed down some choices. A word of caution: DO NOT take them on every
single house visit because that will drive you, them and your realtor crazy!

2. During this visit, be sure to save time for one or two “fun” activities. Taking the time to do some
fun activities will give them a flavor for the new area and meet some people which can go a long way.
Instead of having this view of it being the oh so dreaded – BORING, they will have some memories of
good times and may even be excited to share with their existing friends on a future visit.

3. Take a tour of the schools both virtually and in person. Do your due diligence prior to even
narrowing down some areas and properties to look at by visiting sites like and the
local school system websites. Use that to take some virtual tours of some schools in the area and get
some input from your child. Be aware of educational programs, as well as sports and other extra
curricular activities offered.

4. If your child is involved in a sport, try to attend a school sporting event for that sport. When a
child is heavily involved in a sport, a majority of their social life is intertwined in that sport and it is a
huge part of their life. Make it known that it is important to you as well by attending an event and even
maybe meeting the coach depending on how far into the process you are.

5. Lastly, don’t go hog wild. One of my yoga teachers once told me, “It is a little easier to accept and
transition to the new, when holding on to a piece of the old.” That has proved to be sound advice, so
even though you might be moving across country for all I know, try not to clear out the entire house
before you go in an attempt to travel lightly. I tend to be a less is more person, but my husband often
reminds me that maybe I go a bit overboard sometimes.

So, is it time for a change? Embrace the adventure and your children will more than likely do the same. After
all, a house is just an empty building until you add your family and memories that make it a home. Please share
some of your experiences or additional advice that I’ve missed.

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