Kids Room Makeover {Incredible Daughter}

Monday, June 6, 2011

About a year ago we put a bunk bed into Incredible Daughter's room. I love it! It reminds me of when I was a little girl and all the stuffed animals whose place was to sit atop my bunk bed and provide cover for me during intense games of hide and seek. When we set up her new beds, it also gave us the need to purchase another set of sheet. I say 'need' when really I'll take any excuse to go shopping. I found adorable floral prints for her pillow case, sheets and bed spread.

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She and I have spent the entire past year discussing what we want to do with the remainder of her room. Her walls are currently pink, however, we're going to turn them into a lighter shade of pink. We'll add floral print curtains to her windows. I am also in search of a well made sturdy dresser... preferably white! Actually, it must be white. Nothing else will do in this shabby chic room!

A Christmas or two ago, my mother gave all the grandchildren bean bags. Hers is pink and just so cute. I do however need to find some sort of a bean bag, bag. Ya know? This one is plastic and we would love to find a fabric bag it can be placed in, zipped up and used. Maybe I'm just dreaming that this exists! If I'm not... please be sure and let me know!

Other items on the list include a shabby chic rug, a wall clock, a picture of the Eiffel Tower and a vase of flowers. Oh, and a vanity! What little girl doesn't want a vanity?! I may end up wanting to move to her room, I wonder if Mr. Incredible would mind?!